Delivering 'never-before-tried' solutions to customers in India and across the Globe,          Alufoil has the distinction of being India's premier supplier of foil and foil laminates - plain,lacquered and printed.

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    Foil Containers

    Aluminum foil containers are the most versatile packaging solutions available in todays market. It combines the features

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    House Foils

    Besides, domestic consumption, the items are extensively used by Caterers, Hotels, Cafeterias, Airlines, Railways, Company Canteen, Coffee-Shops etc.

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    Laminated Lids

    The Laminated Lids are free from wrinkles and any air piping whatsoever. The material used in Lids are Virgin/First Quality and at the same time food grade.

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    Foil Lined Bags

    A foil Lined paper bag ideal for retaining the freshness and heat of cooked food, perfect for take away use and are made of very high quality to keep the food warm.

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    Chocolate Foils

    Alufoil is manufacturer of Chocolate Foil & Candy Foil (colored, printed, plain, paper foil laminated, with or without embossing) in your Brand Name and Design.

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    Foil Round Seals

    This seals are widely used in Pickle, Lubricant Oil & Ghee Industries. The poly laminated done on the Foil is specially heat sealable to HDPE & PVC.

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Why Choose Us

We are a market-focused, process-centered organization that develops and delivers innovative solutions to our customers,and provides a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees.

Auminium Foil has amazing properties. It is light weight, attractive, resistant to odour, water, air, light, gas, oil and grease and possesses high thermal and electrical conductivity features.