Illuminate Your Brand Name With AluFoil

Alufoil Products Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most experienced converter of aluminum foil in India as well as a leading manufacturer of aluminum foil containers with lids. Aluminum foil conversion capabilities include printing, laminating, embossing, coating, sheeting, cutting, slitting, and punching. Alufoil Products Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed name as a supplier and exporter of aluminum foil products, such as aluminium foil roll, laminated foil, laminated lids, aluminum foil wrapper for chocolates, pharmaceutical aluminium foil, cigarette aluminium foil, household aluminium foil, foil lined bags, foil seals, baking cups, Gutka packing foil, Hookah aluminum foil, and golden & silver boards.


Aluminum Foil Containers

Aluminum Foil Containers are the best packaging solutions available in today's market. Not only does the aluminum foil container keep the food fresh, but it also helps protect the food from bacteria. These Containers come in a variety of colors and coatings.

Household Aluminum Foils

Aluminum Household Foils, being hygienic, non-toxic, and recyclable, are widely used for wrapping food items by caterers, restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, airlines, railways, coffee-shops, and others.

Laminated Lids

The Laminated Lids, suitable for containers, are free from wrinkles and air piping. The material used in lids is of high quality and food-grade safe.  The lids are available with different kinds of lamination and in various sizes.

Foil Lined Bags

A Foil Lined Bag is great for preserving the freshness and heat of cooked food, is perfect for take away use, and is made of high quality to keep the food warm.

Chocolate Foils

We specialize in aluminum foil used for chocolate & candy wrapping/packaging (colored, printed, plain, paper foil laminated, with or without embossing). Your brand name and logo can be printed too.

Aluminum Foil Seals

Aluminum Foil Round Seals are widely used in pickle, lubricant oil, and ghee Industries. The poly laminated done on the foil is specially heat sealable to HDPE & PVC.