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AFKFM-650 Aluminum Foil Rewinding and Cutting Machine (Automatic)

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Performance Features:

  1. The complete machine adopts PLC control and safety & reliability.
  1. It includes material receiving, gluing, winding and cutting etc. and all are in automation control.
  1. The winding adopts automatic gear shifting control with higher effect.
  1. Squirrel cage operation adopts servo control, exact positioning without accumulated error.
  1. Rolling small shaft delivery mechanism and exact safety.
  1. Wallboard structure and smooth stabilization.
  1. Constant tension unwinding and winding stabilization.


Technical Parameters:

  • Thickness of raw material: 0.008mm-0.025mm o Raw material width: 100-600mm
  • Maximum unwinding diameter: Φ600mm
  • Inner diameter of raw material roll core: Φ75mm,Φ150mm
  • Inner diameter of finished product roll core: Φ25mm ,Φ30mm andΦ38mm
  • Cutting length of roll: 5m-500m
  • Production efficiency 90—180m/minute
  • Magnetic powder brake: 25N.M
  • Magnetic powder clutch: M
  • Machine power: 4KW
  • Dimension: 4,000mm×1,550mm×1,820mm
  • Machine weight: 2,000kg



  1. Inner Hexagon Spanner: 1 Piece
  1. Screw Wrench: 1 Piece
  1. Chuck Wrench: 1 Piece
  1. Blade Adapter:   1 Piece
  1. Squirrel-cage Top Tube Plate: 1 Set
  1. Inflatable Mouth: 1 Piece
  1. Gasket Ring: 30 pieces (Total 3 item: 10 pieces per item)
  1. Top-head: φ25; Φ30mm; φ38mm:        4 set respectively.
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