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Aluminum House Foil Rewinder Machine – 300 Web-Width

The machine being offered is a semi-auto system- having production range in 9meter length rewinds 2700 numbers per 10 hours. It depends upon operator skills.

The Technical Details for House Foil Rewinder Machine are as follows:

  1. Aluminum foil rolls web width –              300 mm Max.
  2. Parent Aluminum foil roll at unwind side- 450 mm Max. (110 Kg Max)
  3. Parent roll inside Dia.           –    76 mm
  4. Tension control at unwind (De-coiler) –              Manual Control
  5. Edge Guide           –    Manual
  6. Thickness of aluminum foils           –    9 – 20 Micron Max.

Electronic Control Panel – PLC Base

  1. 1 HP Motor with AC frequency drive.
  2. Pre-setting length counter

3.    Production Program

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